Saulo Nogueira


Saulo Pio Lemos Nogueira is a specialist in international trade, government relations and foreign investments. 

Saulo worked in Austria, Germany and the United States for three years and 14 years in Brazil. 

In line with the professional education of a Commercial Diplomat, Saulo worked in multinational companies (General Motors and Teneo Holdings), a think tank (ICONE), a consulting firm (Acesso Internacional), international organizations (UNIDO, CTBTO and OAS) and business associations (ABIMAQ and FIRJAN). He is one of few Brazilians with international professional experience who has defended different companies, entities and organizations in matters of international trade and international relations.

Saulo's work in innovative themes and entities:

  • completed the 1st Master's degree in Commercial Diplomacy in the world
  • worked at the 1st think-tank of international trade in Brazil (ICONE)
  • wrote the 1st book in Latin America on Commercial Diplomacy
  • developed the 1st website on trade barriers applied to Brazilian exports ('Barreiras de Acesso')
  • created the 1st institute of government relations: IRelGov (together with five colleagues)
  • created the 1st course in Commercial Diplomacy in Brazil.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Cardiff University), UK

Masters in Commercial Diplomacy (Middlebury Institute of International Studies), U.S.

Masters in International Relations (USP), Brazil

Executive Courses: Government Relations in Brazil -Insper; European Union: politics and policies -Insper; ASEAN - Southeast Asia: foreign trade -Sebrae.

Saulo worked at the United Nations (UN) [UNIDO and CTBTO], the Brazilian Embassy in Washington DC (Itamaraty), and at the Organization of American States (OAS). He was also invited to work for the European Union Delegation in Brasilia, the British government, the Austrian government and the Canadian government.

Areas of expertise

* International Relations and Advocacy: translates business demands to the reality of public policies and the political and economic context. Represents Abrafrutas at CEB & CFB meetings.

* Government Relations: advised Nike, Goodyear, McDonalds, Dow Chemical, among others, to resolve issues of foreign investments, public policy, advocacy, imports and regulatory measures. After a Government Relations course in Brazil (Insper), he created, along with five colleagues, the Government Relations Institute (IRelGov).

* International Trade: advice on international trade, regulatory issues (trade barriers -TBT and SPS), economic analysis and trade negotiations. He coordinated several projects in a think-tank, in international agriculture trade, including in China and Asia. Specialist in trade negotiations (including Mercosur-European Union); Agribusiness and Asia. In recent years, he worked in consultancies and business entities, aiming at opening new foreign markets and solving regulatory obstacles.