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About Acesso Internacional

Acesso Internacional offers consulting services in market access and international trade, creating export opportunities, analyzing and questioning trade barriers, mapping new foreign markets and preparing government relations strategies.

We offer solutions to create trade opportunities and increase our client's competitiveness in international trade

Since 2011, we have helped companies expand their exports and governments and business associations to analyze and resolve international trade issues. Also, we provided advisory services to foreign governments and investors entering the Brazilian market to solve regulatory, legal, market and government issues. Acesso delivers customized solutions using the technical knowledge of the rules and procedures of international trade. 


Market Access

  • Market research to identifiy export opportunities and trends
  • Analyze and tackle trade barriers (TBT, SPS, others)
  • Regulatory convergence
  • Services export and e-commerce

Trade Policy

  • Analysis of trade policies of foreign countries
  • International trade negotiations
  • Advisory to business and sectorial entities regarding international trade negotiations

Advocacy & Government Relations

  • Development of strategies to defend the interests of businesses on trade issues
  • Advocacy and institutional relations


We work with companies, governments and business associations, both foreign and Brazilian. We have expertise in agricultural sectors, agribusiness, industry and services. 


Saulo Nogueira 

Renato Santos

Marcia Carelli

Marcos Hoffman

Trade Barriers Database

We developed Brazil's first database on international trade barriers, called 'Barreiras de Acesso' - www.barreirasdeacesso.com.br . The website centralizes information on trade barriers (tariffs, technical, sanitary and phytosanitary) faced by Brazilian exporters, offering details on the issues that reduce or restrict Brazilian exports to each country. We are also developing a database on Brazilian import barriers, i.e. trade barriers when entering the Brazilian market.

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We are located in São Paulo, Brazil.

We have consultants in Brasilia, Washington DC and Brussels.

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